Why Singapore is the Best Location For Events of All Sizes

For over a dozen consecutive years Singapore has held the title as the leading convention city in Asia. The rankings are done by the International Congress and Convention Association (ICCA) and announced globally. This is only one of a multitude of awards this vibrant city has received over the last decade. As tourism numbers continue to climb the event industry grows as well. In fact, Event Agencies in Singapore have experienced growths of 40 percent, or more, each year for the last few years.

Corporations have flocked to this country as well. Considered the gateway to Asia, Singapore is as appealing to foreign companies as it is to the 14 million foreign visitors that stop here each year. Companies that have relocated to the islands nation hold large annual functions and rely on Event Companies in Singapore to make each unique and custom designed to fit their branding. Many other corporations choose this location even when they are not operating their company within its borders.


The reasons are simple. Singapore is a visually beautiful country. Its natural beauty is unsurpassed, but even its man-made designs are awe inspiring. Visitors and residents alike seem to treasure the seamless blend of modern and traditional art and architecture. Unique touches like their solar-powered man-made trees that line the Garden by the Bay park are examples of why so many are fascinated by the location.

Of course, Event Companies in Singapore do much more than arrange massive corporate events. They also spend as much effort and time perfecting every private party as well. Companies like Marvele.com offer the same creative touch and competent staff whether it is a graduation party with friends and family or a product launch for a Fortune 500 Company. Everyone in Singapore is given the same level of amazing service and treated with the respect and appreciation they deserve. Singapore is a place of diversity with residents that have arrived from numerous countries and brought with them their own unique cultural celebrations. This means there are always festivals, religious celebrations and many other events taking place. The busy atmosphere and the versatility required to appease all of these groups have made the event planners in Singapore some of the most creative, flexible and attentive in the world. There is no reason for anyone in Singapore to plan their event anywhere else and an endless number of reasons for all others to consider making this their convention destination.

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